Patches: 3.0-3.3.5

By: Ryan K.

Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King
Features: A new level cap (Up to level 80), the frozen wastes of northrend have been unlocked for exploration and questing, many new 5-man instances including the 3 part Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and The Halls of Reflection. New 51-point talent system to fit the new level cap. The Lich King has taken up his throne in Icecrown Citadel waiting for any to challenge his reign of terror, at his front gate lies the Argent Tournament, an event set up by the Argent Crusade to test the might of any who are strong enough to enter; Eventually the Argent Crusade would lead a small group of elite soldiers to take down the lich king and stop his spreading of the unholy scourge.

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Patches: 2.0-2.4.3

By: Ryan K.

Expansion: The Burning Crusade
Features: Brand new continent area for exploration, quests, instances, raids, and two new races.
Description: The first expansion released for World of Warcraft; The Burning Crusade allows you access to the burning Outland, the original home of the Orcs and Draenei. This expansion also allows you to play 2 new races; the Blood Elves for the Horde, and the Draenei for the Alliance. This expansion has the MOST new content of any expansion, including 16 5 man instances,8 10-25 man instances, new honor and arena PvP system, the very popular Looking for Group tool, 10 more levels raising the cap to 70, new spells and abilities for all classes, and a new talent system. By far many agree this has been the greatest expansion yet. I for one say blizz outdid themselves with this one.

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Patches: 1.0.3-1.12.6

By: Ryan K.

Patches: 1.0.3-1.12.6
Expansion: Classic WoW
Features: The original World of Warcraft, featuring no longer available mounts, weapons, and dungeons.
Description: The raw World of Warcraft released in 2004. With a level cap of 60 it might not seem like much adventure, but in this expansion there were many items, mounts, and weapons not available today. Including but not limited to: Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal, Zin’rokh Destroyer of Worlds(60 version), Onyxia’s lair raid instance, Zul’Gurub(60 version), Naxxramas(60 version). Also featuring the only 40 man instances of Blackwing Lair. The Molten Core, and The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.

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A New Team Memeber:

Sep 6’th 2011

Hello, I’m Ryan and i’m the newest addition to the D A Reviews team. My reviews will be featuring World of Warcraft, its expansions, major patches, and other content. Let’s start with a base review:
Name: World of Warcraft
Platform: PC/Mac
World of Warcraft.. The very game you think of when you hear the word MMO. It has a fan base of around 15 million players! The story is set in the land of Azeroth, the magic filled world of the popular RTS series Warcraft. You make your alter-ego character from a variety of colorful races and classes. Right of the bat you can start questing and exploring, making your own grand adventure. Each class is very diverse; Warriors who are experts at wielding many different weapons, to mages who cast powerful arcane magic to kill foes. Many dungeon-type instances are available in the game that take teamwork to triumph with groups from 5-40 players to take down. But player versus environment(PvE) isn’t the only aspect of this amazing game. Around the world and in battlegrounds and grand arenas you can take on other players in player versus player(PvP) combat to test your might! The interface is very player friendly, even making people who are new to games in general be able to play without much difficulty. All in all this game is most definitely worth a try! It is free to play up to level 20 at

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My Little Pony:

By: Aaron J.

Friendship Is Magic
Season 2 Episode 11

This show is entertaining because of the Characters the old country granny who is very forgetful, the snotty city girls.
… The show is Childish but when you are bored it is very entertaining.
Graphics: 8/10
Sound:5/10 Little bit Off
Overall: 5/10

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SMOD (Super Mod):

By: Micky P.
Name: Seeing how it’s Half Life 2 with violent gore, custom weapons, custom enemies, and you can make a sub mod for it, it kinda fits well. 99%

Base Game: Half Life 2
Graphics: Decent 75%

Sounds: Not really good, some kinda sound old. 25%

Playability: Too many ways to customise AI and levels, no wonder people make sub-mods for this mod. perfect 100%

Enterainment: You can’t get bored if you can mapadd code stuff or make a submod completely. 100%

Replay Value: Like I said earlier, soo customizable that it’s re-playable about a million times. 100%

Overall Rating: 499

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Underhell – Prologue:

By: Micky P.

Name: I have no idea how that fits with the story yet exactly, maybe the next chapter would explain. For now, 75%

Base Game: Half Life 2 and SMOD
Graphics: Decent 75%

Sounds: Wow, just amazing, even if they stole sounds from other games and mods. 99%

Playability: Ai was decent and not overkill like SMOD: Tactical’s. Scopes and Ironsights were weird, but easy to get used to. 75%

Enterainment: Well…. Makes you feel like a SWAT member untill you reach the undergrounds, from there you suddenly turned into a special ops detective trying to stop terrorists, kinda suspenseful-ish. Oh yea, the house was scary heck. 80%

Replay Value: I seem to keep missing every little ghost appearance in the house level, would be worth finding them all. 99%

Overall Rating: 503

Notes: I don’t know why, but…. why the heck are the allies really dumb and get stuck on trying to enter a elevator? I mean come on, I know it’s SMOD and all, but you can at least have a scene trigger so that they walk into the elevator, it’s not that hard!

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