Underhell – Prologue:

By: Micky P.

Name: I have no idea how that fits with the story yet exactly, maybe the next chapter would explain. For now, 75%

Base Game: Half Life 2 and SMOD
Graphics: Decent 75%

Sounds: Wow, just amazing, even if they stole sounds from other games and mods. 99%

Playability: Ai was decent and not overkill like SMOD: Tactical’s. Scopes and Ironsights were weird, but easy to get used to. 75%

Enterainment: Well…. Makes you feel like a SWAT member untill you reach the undergrounds, from there you suddenly turned into a special ops detective trying to stop terrorists, kinda suspenseful-ish. Oh yea, the house was scary heck. 80%

Replay Value: I seem to keep missing every little ghost appearance in the house level, would be worth finding them all. 99%

Overall Rating: 503

Notes: I don’t know why, but…. why the heck are the allies really dumb and get stuck on trying to enter a elevator? I mean come on, I know it’s SMOD and all, but you can at least have a scene trigger so that they walk into the elevator, it’s not that hard!


About Devin H.

I do not know why I started writing reviews, but I did one night and have enjoyed doing so since on a small time basis, that is why I am here.
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