Tales of Symphonia

By: Edward H.

Genre: RPG
Systems: GC, PS2
Series: “Tales of”

Graphics: Beautiful. Just beautiful. Cel-shaded graphics will always stand the test of time, no matter how old it is.

Sounds: Everything from screams to birds chirping. They weren’t lazy with this.

OVERVIEW: This is the game that got the “Tales of” series popular, and for good reason. The game takes place in a fantasy setting in the land of Sylvarant, though there’s a bit more then meets the eye with this world…

Story: I’ll only say the beginning summary, because this is like a novel. Actually, it is. This game has an Anime and Manga based of it! Think about that.
Anyways, This Goddess named Martel watches over the land of Sylvarant, and protects it while she’s asleep. However, she’s asleep most of the time. Thus, She designates “Chosens” on the land of Sylvarant to wake her so she can ‘refresh the world’, so to speak. The chosen at this time is a girl named Colette, who’s a friend of your main hero, Lloyd. Basically, It’s your job to help Colette awaken Martel without her dying on the journey. Might sound boring and simple, but buddy, I just said what they tell in the first five minutes of the game. It’s a 50 HOUR GAME. There are more plot twists than a barrel of monkeys in this game.

Gameplay: Imagine your classic arcade fighter and add final fantasy. That’s this in a nutshell. You go around exploring environments while using a live-action fighting system that utilizes abilties called “Techs” Techs are basically special moves that allow you to string up combos and high-damage at the cost of your magic system called TP. ( Technical Power ) During these battles, you can send up to four other partner characters at once to fight with you, and you can actually configure their AI so that they act the way you want them to! But if you don’t want to work with CPU partners, you can hook in extra controllers and do multiplayer! That’s right. An RPG that allows you to play with four people at once all the way through. There’s nothing more satisfying than chaining up a 100-hit combo on enemies with your friends. Nothing.

Music: Always fits the mood all the time. You’ll never want to mute the volume.

Opinions: I love this game. This game is filled with a lot of clichés, but it does them absolutely perfectly. The Voice Actors for this were amazing. Cam Clark, especially. There’s secrets everywhere, A new game + so you can replay the game with extra additions, Titles for your characters that mess with their stats, the list goes on and on…

I am most definitely biased for this game. This game had everything for me. I would call it an essential. But do some more research on it, because I understand it wouldn’t be everyone’s thing. If you’re mildly interested though, go for it.
You shouldn’t regret it.

Rating 10/10


About Devin H.

I do not know why I started writing reviews, but I did one night and have enjoyed doing so since on a small time basis, that is why I am here.
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