Dmitry Pavlenko Interview:

By: Devin H.

This is my interview with Dmitry Pavlenko head dev at IriySoft, the company behind great games such as Cursed Treasure and Dune Buggy, just two out of the many they have done.

This is my first interview for DAR and I think it went great, so be sure to let me know how you think it is and check out IriySoft’s games! They put out some awesome stuff you can even get Cursed Treasure now on your IPad! (

Might get an IPad just to play it now!


What got you into gaming to start with?

Hmmm… I think it was ZX Spectrum %) My parents bought one when I was

13 (as far as I remember) and I started playing and programming. I wrote

a lot of code using Basic and Assembler back then %))) After finishing

school I entered the university and became a programmer.

Why have you not uploaded many other games out side of your TD’s?

Our company (IriySoft) mostly makes games exclusively (as work for hire)

so we can’t upload them. We made more than 100 games already by the way.

 So far you have given the gaming community two genre changing TD’s,

how do you think you have been able see this different perspective?

We play a lot. And we were trying to notice what we dislike in the games

we play and to think of how can we change it to be better. For example,

I don’t like the fact that in most TDs the enemies just walk through – so

we implemented gems in Cursed Treasure etc.


Where do you see IriySoft going in the future?

I think we will produce more independent games (like Cursed Treasure was) and try to make games for other platforms (we released Cursed Treasure for iPad recently)


What games are you working on now?

Cursed Treasure 2 :), another strategy game (not TD), plus another strategy game for hire (again not TD), a zombie shootout game and another bike project for hire (don’t forget that IriySoft is a studio and there are 11 of us here).


Do you work on any games that are not for hire in your spare time?

No. Unfortunately I don’t have enough free time – the company management takes it all…


You mentioned a zombie shootout game, with so many others out there the

genre is vary set in stone it seems, can you give any details on how your

team plans on improving it?

Sorry, but it will be “just another shootout game” %) Maybe we’ll make something cool based on it later.


Going for other platforms, would you be looking into cutting a deal with

big wigs like Microsoft or Sony or are you taking it slow and sticking

with mobile gaming for a while?

I’m not sure that we are ready to do something big yet. We are going to see how successful can we be on mobile market first.


The new Unity web player takes 3D content and allows it to be played in a

browser, a lot of the flash game community dislikes it, what is your

take on it?

We are not going to switch to Unity for sure – 3D is not what we can and like to do %)


And how do you think it will change the way we play flash games?

I don’t think it will change it much. I think that the interesting game doesn’t have to be 3D and I even think that many people will prefer 2D because it is often easier to play.


About Devin H.

I do not know why I started writing reviews, but I did one night and have enjoyed doing so since on a small time basis, that is why I am here.
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