By: Keegan M.


A very underrated movie. Yes, the theatrical version is below average, if focuses more on romance than it does Daredevil himself, it was predictable, and above all else, it failed at being a good superhero movie. On the other hand, the Director’s cut was amazing, it was probably one of the best superhero movies to date. The cut out most of the romance, and replaced it with stories of Matt Murdock’s inner turmoil, and his alignment. They cut out a entire side-story that was indeed very interesting to watch. The added 30 mins changed it from a mild PG-13, to a medium-rated R. If you like superhero movies, this is defiantly for you!

Theatrical- 5/10
Director’s Cut- 7.5/10


About Devin H.

I do not know why I started writing reviews, but I did one night and have enjoyed doing so since on a small time basis, that is why I am here.
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