#19 The Visitor: Returns:

WARNING: Content not for some gamers.

Concept: The slug is back, and ready to bite, sting, slitter, spray, or claw any living thing in it’s path once more, but this time the setting is a little more out there then the first.
Graphics: Point and click cartoony.
Sound: Music was nothing out of the norm, over all sound though was not half bad.
Notes: ClickShake: ““The Visitor” originally slithered its way into point and click fame in 2007, gaining over 40 million plays and making its sequel our most requested game. Horror and adventure fans, you got what you’ve been asking for!”
With six endings to work out this short but fun bloody point and clicker is one for the books.
Entertainment: High.
Replay Value: Medium.

Overall Rating: 6.5


About Devin H.

I do not know why I started writing reviews, but I did one night and have enjoyed doing so since on a small time basis, that is why I am here.
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