#11 Rebuild:

Concept: You are the leader of a group of survivors from the zombie apocalypse, and you are all fed up with moving around, trying to stay one step ahead of the Zed, so you’ve taken a small part of a city, and are not going to give it up for anything, you’re done running, and you’re going to make a new city to live in.
Graphics: Half way between cartoon and something else.
Sound: Eerie.
Playabillity: Takes a few days before you get the hang of running the town but even then the mixer of random events, the happiness of everyone, and hoard attacks keeps you on your feet, but no matter how much gets thrown at you the game keeps going at a pretty steady pace.
Entertainment: It has alot of good points, and some bad points, but over all it feels like a great base for other games to “Rebuild” Zombie games on.
Replay Value: High.

Overall Rating: 8.0


About Devin H.

I do not know why I started writing reviews, but I did one night and have enjoyed doing so since on a small time basis, that is why I am here.
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